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Rielle Moises
01:07:17 AM
Jane is an inspiration. From a young age, she decided what she wanted to do with her life and she was determined to make it happen with guidance from the Lord. Jane shows that faith and belief in the
Pastor and Lisa Noonan
08:22:31 AM
Greetings Conaway Clan! This page looks fabulous...kudos to you folks! So excited for your ministry there and the great work that you do for the LORD. Blessing to each and all! Adios mi amigos... The Noonans of Minnesota
Amber Maringer
07:26:17 AM
Hola Conaways, I loved seeing your mission video and love reading your prayer updates. We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon.
05:30:01 AM
Good morning to Jane and family, Enjoyed reading your recent missionary letter; and happy to hear about souls coming to Christ. May the Lord continue to bless the work.
09:47:30 AM
I want to thank all that have left encouraging notes in my guestbook. It is very much appreciated. God bless you one and all.
John and Annette Moore
01:20:49 PM
Hi, Jane! I just visited with you on the phone and decided to look you up. John had your last newsletter on his desk. I saw the website and here I am. Wonderful website! Blessings, Annette
John and Doris Jones
07:35:03 AM
Just enjoyed your website. It is hard for us to believe that Amy's son Alex, our oldest grandson, will soon be 18 and just became an Eagle Scout. Her Jacob is 14. Reba's Vincelle will soon be 9 and her Elysia May will soon be 5. Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful Christmas.